It’s Time To Fight Back

                          • Customer Seeks End to Robo-Calls Saga January 13, 2013 – Attorney Todd Friedman featured on NBC 4 News at 11pm for his work in representing a class of consumers suing T-Mobile for Robo-Call harassment.
                          • NFL, DirecTV Hit With Antitrust Suit Over Broadcast Deals Todd Friedman of Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman, P.C. is one of the co-counsels along with Kazerouni Law Group APC and Hyde & Swigart in representing plaintiff, Thomas Abrahamian in a proposed class action lawsuit against The National Football League, Inc. and DirecTV, LLC for violating the Sherman Act through their alleged restraint of horizontal competition. The proposed lawsuit allegedly stated consumers are being forced to overpay to watch out-of-market games. Plaintiff, Thomas Abrahamian to seek restoration of off-field competition among and between the teams and their partners.
                          • Sweet v. LinkedIn A class-action suit was filed against LinkedIn for the site’s networking feature – job reference material. A feature that enables potential employers and recruiters to gather employment histories and make hiring decisions base on their research without ensuring that the information was accurate. Inevitably, this can potentially cause candidates to lose job opportunities and career prospects.
                          • Manteca woman sues Dish Network over robocalls September 20, 2012 – Law Offices of Todd Friedman featured on ABC News10. Class Action robo-calling lawsuit filed against Dish Network.
                          • Subway Sandwich Lawsuit Discussion- Does Size Matter? February 18th 2013 – Attorney Todd Friedman discusses the Subway Footlong lawsuit. The Law Offices of Todd Friedman represented a plaintiff in the Subway lawsuit.
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